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Advanced Business Strategies (“ABS”) is a Venture Catalyst™ Firm that prepares companies for and strategically positions them to be funded, sold, merged, or acquired.​​

Advanced Business Strategies service both the INVESTOR and, COMPANIES seeking capital. Advanced Business Strategies has been in business for over a decade. We have a highly qualified team of industry professionals with well over 100 years of combined experience in corporate capitalization, finance, and investments. As Venture Catalyst™ Venture Catalysts, our objective is to educate executives on how to BUILD THE BRIDGE TO INVESTORS, a continuing challenge for all companies in need of capital.​


Advanced Business Strategies has also developed an invaluable training program designed specifically to teach INVESTORS how to identify a qualified investment opportunity, recognize the red flags of a poor or fraudulent deal and perform a thorough due diligence on a company. Conversely this same educational training program will educate corporate executive on how to become a viable funding candidate that will attract investors at every level.​

Our Team at Advanced Business Strategies is extremely passionate about what we do. We believe that the training and education we provide will be invaluable to you personally and to your company. The combined information taught by Advanced Business Strategies cannot be found and has never been taught in a forum or group setting.​

If you are interested in learning how to differentiate your company from other investments and position yourself to successfully capitalize your company or you are an investor and would like to learn how to perform a proper due diligence on an investment and how to protect your money from poor or fraudulent investments please contact us for more information or for FREE private consultation.