Associate Partners

kim-d-southworth-2Kim D. Southworth spent the last 34 years in business administration, management, and, corporate and project finance. In the early eighties he funded numerous oil and gas ventures and actively acquired strategic drilling sites and royalty interest for investors. He founded the American Association of Oil and Gas Investors. The Association was the first national self regulatory agency within the oil and gas investment community. ​​ ​​​​​​Subsequently, Mr. ​Southworth began consulting for start-up and early stage companies and served administratively as President, Chairman and CEO. As a corporate consultant Mr. Southworth played a significant role in the start-up, funding and business plan execution stages. In 1999 Mr. Southworth acquired Sound Solutions, Inc. He capitalized the company and managed the day-to-day operations, expanding its client base from 200 stores to over 2000 stores in less than two years. He sold the company in August of 2001​.

Mr. Southworth is currently the founder and senior partner of Advanced Business Strategies, LLC. Advanced Business Strategies was founded in 2001 and is a Venture Catalyst firm that prepares companies for and strategically positions them to be funded, sold, merged, or acquired. In early 2011 Mr. Southworth began consulting for a ballistic armor company which developed a proprietary personal, vehicle and related armor material designed specifically to service both military and law enforcement demands. Subsequently he was asked to serve as President and as a director of the company. He resigned his positions in December of 2012 in order to teach, train, consult and educate investors and corporate executives within the investment community through Advanced Business Strategies.

Mr. Southworth has held various securities licenses. He has a strong foundation and experience in strategic business plan development and execution, corporate capitalization, investment structuring, developing merger and joint venture relationships and developing creative investment alternatives. He has worked with investors at every level including educating them on how to perform their own due diligence and recognize poor or fraudulent deals.




HoffmanGordon Hoffman received a B.S. degree in Accounting from Brigham Young University and an M.B.A. in Finance from Utah State University.  He is a C.P.A. and has several years experience In Public Accounting, including 4 years with the International CPA firm of Grant Thornton.  He has 5 years experience as a Director of Taxation and 20 years experience as a CFO, Vice President of Finance, and a Controller in various industries.  He has 9 years of Consulting experience in all areas of Taxation (domestic and international), entity structuring, business, finance, loan packaging, real estate investments and developments, financial planning, business plan executions, mergers and acquisitions, sales and purchases of businesses, and business valuations.  He has held a series 27 securities license.  He has worked as a team player on various projects, including start-up companies, business ventures, etc. with other professionals: i.e., attorneys, cpa’s, insurance professionals, real estate brokers, etc.




Tyler Southworth

Tyler S, Southworth developed his talents in finance and accounting formally and from real-life experience. Before he was 24 years old, while still pursuing a degree in accounting and finance, he was one of the founders of the first specialty lumber cooperatives in the Utah Valley, called United Woodworkers Cooperative, where he managed operations, sales and inventory control.

In 2008, he consulted on a number of start-up ventures, advising them on financial proformas and projections for business plan composition, due diligence and budgeting.

In 2010, he was co-founder of Basalt Fiber Technologies, a maker of basalt fiber, which was acquired by Bourque Industries, producer of a patented alloy used in vehicle and body armor. He became the chief financial officer of National First Response Corp. in 2012.