Companies Seeking Capital


Wall Street 1The Associate Partners at Advanced Business Strategies recognize that the business community, as a whole, has been adversely affected by the instability of the stock market, the short-term economic downturns, and other recent domestic and world events. This has stimulated a greater need for capital in a conservative and apprehensive marketplace. Companies are finding themselves competitively seeking after the same investor dollars while others are having a difficult time persuading investors to look at their business plan altogether.

Despite the cautious mindset that pervades today’s investors, Advanced Business Strategies provide its clients with the insight and sophistication needed to penetrate those barriers.

Preparing companies for funding has become a very specialized field. For example, key components for success include:

    • Having a knowledge and understanding of the investment community as a whole
    • Knowing their investment philosophies
    • What are their investment strategies and criteria
    • Becoming familiar with the decision making process
    • Understanding what type of ventures they will and will not invest in
    • What they expect from a company before they will invest

Today, companies must be prepared to withstand the scrutiny of the investor if they intend to become a viable candidate for funding. One of the core tactical approaches of Advanced Business Strategies is to package and present its clients in a way that will differentiate them from other investments and capture the attention of the investor.

Please contact us to learn more about how we can assist you in preparing your company to be funded, sold, merged or acquired.