Company Overview

BullAdvanced Business Strategies has been in business for over a decade. We have a highly qualified team of industry professionals with over 100 years of combined experience in corporate capitalization, finance, and investments. As Venture Catalysts, our objective is to educate executives on how to BUILD A BRIDGE TO INVESTORS, a continuing challenge for all companies in need of capital. Advanced Business Strategies has developed a series of proprietary programs to build and grow companies including our Three Phase Funding program that, when completed, will enable companies to successfully achieve their funding objectives.

Additionally, Advanced Business Strategies is dedicated to educating investors on how to identify a quality investment opportunity. This is accomplished by providing seminars, webinars, workshops, etc. to the investment community as a whole. We believe that by increasing investor sophistication as it pertains to investments, those companies offering poor or fraudulent deals will have a much more difficult time capitalizing their companies. Also, investors ability to separate a poor investment from a quality investment opportunity will be dramatically increased giving them a much greater opportunity for success and reducing potential financial losses.​