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Independent Third Party Due Diligence

In order to attract capital in today’s market (whether it is private, angel, institutional, venture funds, banks, grants, etc.) a thorough due diligence on the company is going to be expected. The amount of work involved to perform such a due diligence will consume a significant amount of time, and human and financial resources from investors. For this reason, many investment mediums will pass on or reject potentially good investment opportunities.

​By allowing Advanced Business Strategies to perform an independent third party due diligence on your company, you have now opened the door to a myriad of investors otherwise lost because you have removed the majority of the work required to investigate your company. Additionally, the credibility of the information we provide in the due diligence package, having been reviewed by forensic attorneys, accountants and related business professionals, will open the door to many funding resources you might not have qualified for previously and it will differentiate you from other investments.​

Independent Third Party Company Valuation

You can tell an investor all day long how valuable your company is worth but unless you can defend it with the proper methodology for such valuation, including credible documentation and research to back it up, it’s purely subjective. If you over value your company you could lose the interest of the investor altogether.​

Advanced Business Strategies’ legal and accounting team will perform an in-depth study of your company in order to systematically substantiate the most accurate valuation possible. Our research will include but is not limited to:

  • The company
  • The Industry
  • Financial statements
  • Assets and liabilities
  • Intellectual property
  • Revenues
  • Strategic partners/alliance
  • Contracts
  • Industry EBITDA multiples, etc.

The results of this study will be compiled into a comprehensive report to validate and substantiate the final numbers. Upon completion, Advanced Business Strategies will allow your executive team the opportunity to review, discuss and defend said report to make sure that it is as accurate as possible. This valuation report will be a very valuable tool that your company can use to instill shareholder and investor confidence and credibility. It is also a prerequisite for funding, mergers, acquisitions, to support stock price and to sell your company.

Increased Company Valuation

When raising capital or participating in any type of merger, sale or acquisition, it is extremely important to show the highest valuation possible. There are many different ways to do this if you know what you are looking for and have the technical business background and experience. This is the expertise Advanced Business Strategies and its Associate Partners bring to your company. Following an independent third party valuation on your company, Advanced Business Strategies will be able to identify those factors that are decreasing its value. Our Team of will address each one of those factors individually and make every effort to clean up, remove, change, modify or implement the necessary changes to increase the value of your company. This could represent ultimately millions of dollars in present and future profits to the company, shareholders, management, etc.​

Increase Company Profitability by Implementing Unique and Proven Strategies Designed By Advanced Business Strategies

Advanced Business Strategies Associate Partners combined have spent many years reviewing company books and records and identifying weaknesses in a company’s operations i.e. vendor pricing, wasted time on unproductive projects, cost of goods, dormant assets, stolen or misplaced funds, excessive spending, poor software, misuse of company equipment, and many other areas of spending that eat at the bottom line. As an owner of the company this money is coming directly out of your pocket. ABS has a team of forensic accountants and other professionals that will identify each one of these areas of concern that are causing such losses and implement a plan and strategy to resolve them thus increasing the bottom line and profitability of your company. Can you really afford not to have a company with this background and level of expertise to at least sit down and discuss this service with you?

Corporate Capitalization Workshop

Advanced Business Strategies provides an in-depth training workshop to corporate executives on how to make their company become the most attractive funding candidate possible. The investment industry mindset has changed drastically over the last 5 years. The bar has been raised and only the best companies are getting properly funded. Advanced Business Strategies will teach you how to break into those markets and qualify under the new funding criteria. These workshops will be hands on, experiential training which will include training in the following categories:

  • How to determine your true capital needs​​
  • Three Phase Funding​:  How to identify the right financial partner(s)​Corporate securities laws
  • ​Requirements for funding
  • ​How to properly valuate a company
  • ​Minimizing Ownership Dilution
  • ​Developing an exit strategy for you and your investors
  • ​Preparing a thorough investor due diligence package
  • ​How to win over investors and get them to invest in your company, etc.

If you don’t intimately understand the capital markets, investor criteria and how to properly package and present your investment opportunity you cannot afford to miss this training.

Every company seeking capital is competing for the same investment dollars, what differentiates you from the others?

Sell Your Business

If you want to ultimately sell your company whether it’s now or later, optimizing the price you get is extremely important. Advanced Business Strategies has a 5 step process to make sure that you can sell quickly and get the highest possible price for your company. In preparation for this sale Advanced Business Strategies will provide the following:

  1. Perform an independent third party due diligence and valuation to establish an initial sales price.
  2. Identify and clean up anything that would prevent or discourage a buyer from purchasing the company.
  3. Take every measure to increase the value of the company.
  4. Compile everything into a comprehensive package to give to the potential buyers.
  5. Lastly Advanced Business Strategies qualified team of industry professionals will provide a sales plan and strategy to sell the company, utilizing its in-house resources to advertise the business and assist in all negotiations to assure the best possible deal.

This preliminary process we take your company through and how your company is packaged prior to going presenting it to investors/buyers will not only increase the price you might otherwise have been able to get for your company but could mean the difference between selling the company altogether or not.

Procuring Funding for your Company

Advanced Business Strategies has a large base of investors nationwide and continues to build that base weekly. Obviously not all investors invest in every deal that comes along. They all have a different appetite depending on industry, size of the deal, amount of capital needed, revenues, etc. The reason Advanced Business Strategies has such a broad network of investors is because of the thorough independent third party due diligence and valuation it provides them. In fact, many of our investors will require companies to go through our due diligence process before they will even look at a business plan. Advanced Business Strategies does not arbitrarily shop deals on the street. This is counterproductive and in most cases will hurt the deal more than help it. For this reason we will identify the right funding vehicle and investor ahead of time and bring the two together. ​Potential Funding Candidates include:

  • Venture Capital Firms
  • Hedge Funds
  • Private Investors
  • Angel Investors
  • Banks/other Financial Institutions
  • Grants
  • Strategic Partners/Joint Venture Partners
  • Hard Money Lenders
  • Public Markets, etc.

It takes time to properly prepare a company for funding. If you wait until you desperately need the money you are taking a big risk that you will either end up with a bad financial partner, poor terms or you will not obtain funded altogether.

Taking Companies Public or Private

This is a very specialized market and requires that those companies considering going public completely understand the pros and the cons of taking such a bigstep. Our Associate Partners will be the first to say that going public is not for everyone but, there definitely is a time and place for it. Advanced Business Strategies in conjunction with it’s very knowledgeable and experiences legal securities team will help you explore this option in detail.

Some of the reasons for going public are as follows:

  • It is a great vehicle for raising money
  • It provides an exit strategy for you and your investors
  • It can be attractive to private companies wanting to sell, merge or be acquired.
  • It can create huge public awareness about your company, product and services
  • It will allow you the option to alternatively do stock transaction in order to preserve cash​

This is not something any company should take lightly. Advanced Business Strategies and its team of industry professionals will do a FREE review with you and your executive team to discuss whether going public would be in the best interest of your company or not.

Developing an Equity Funding Business Plan and the Associated Legal Documents

Investors are continually approached by companies looking for money. They do not have the time or the interest in reviewing every deal that comes along. Some venture funds, institutional investors and or Angel groups might see over 100+ business plans a month. Investors do not want to talk to you upfront so getting an audience with an investor can be very difficult if not impossible. All they want to do is review your business plan and decide for themselves whether they are interested in talking to you further. If you don’t know how to provide them suitable information, in the proper format, your business plan will end up stashed in the corner with a stack of other business plans or in the trash.

An Equity Funding Business Plan is much different than an operating business plan because it is designed specifically for investors. It is short, direct, to the point and contains specifically the information an investor needs to see in order to immediately determine whether they are interested or not. The Equity Funding Business Plan alone will signify to the investor your level of experience, competence and professionalism. Advanced Business Strategies will assist you in preparing an Equity Funding Business Plan along with the associated pro forma, capitalization tables and related legal documents. This will enable you to approach investor’s at the most sophisticated levels, giving them the confidence they need to pursue an investment with your company.

Assist, Manage and Negotiate Mergers and Acquisitions

This is an extremely valuable service in terms of protecting your company from huge unwanted liabilities and insuring that you don’t find yourselves in the kind of nightmares that can take companies down. When involved in any one of these types of transactions, if you haven’t done this many times over, you have no idea what hidden dangers can be lurking behind the scenes. In many cases, they don’t surface until it’s too late.​

Advanced Business Strategies and its Associate Partners have the highest level of experience from a legal, tax, and a financial and business perspective to insure your success and safety. One of the smartest ways to negotiate the best possible deal in any negotiation is to remove all emotion and use an arbitrator to represent you. The second most valuable resource Advanced Business Strategies will provide is the ability to perform a thorough due diligence on the other company thus exposing all potential issues, concerns, all known and unknown liabilities both from a legal and financial standpoint, etc.​​

If you are considering buying a company, Advanced Business Strategies will also do an independent valuation of the pending merger or acquisition candidate to make sure that you are paying the best possible price for the company. Such valuation will also give you a lot of room for negotiations with the proper independent data to support it and protect you from paying too much for a company.