Corporate Services

Corporate MeetingOur Team at Advanced Business Strategies is extremely passionate about what we do. We believe that the combined training and services we provide corporate executives will be invaluable as it pertains to taking their company to the next level. Below is a list of services we provide whether they are looking to be buy, sell, merge, acquire, capitalize or any other related corporate growth transaction.

​After taking our clients through a proprietary funding process developed by Advanced Business Strategies, the company is now ready for funding. Based on investor criteria, Advanced Business Strategies will be able to introduce the investment opportunity to its ever increasing database of investors i.e. venture capital groups, hedge funds, institutional and private investors. The combined information taught by Advanced Business Strategies cannot be found and has never been taught in a forum or group setting.

  • Provide an in-depth due diligence and identify the appropriate investment vehicle and funding structure
  • ​Prepare third party documentation to substantiate the viability of the investment
  • ​Make every effort to identify and resolve any issues that might discourage or prevent investors from investing
  • ​Present the investment opportunity to those investors with a criteria and appetite for the specific investment opportunity being offered


Advanced Business Strategies is dedicated to the success of its clients and prides itself on their ability to internalize each customer’s funding objectives as if were their own.

Advanced Business Strategies will never compromise its standards or ethics for anyone.

  • Independent Third Party Due Diligence
  • ​Independent Third Party Valuation
  • ​Preparing Pro Forma’s/Financial Statements
  • ​Clean-up Company Books and Records in Preparation for Funding
  • Increase Company Valuation
  • ​​Increase Company Profitability by Implementing Unique, Proven Strategies Designed By ABS
  • Developing an Equity Funding Business Plan along with the Associated Legal Documents
  • ​​Assist in Procuring Funding for the Company
  • ​​Broker Businesses
  • ​​Assist, Manage and Negotiate Mergers and Acquisitions
  • ​Take Company Public or Private
  • ​​​Corporate Capitalization Seminars and Workshops


If you are interested in learning more about how to differentiate your company from other investments and position yourself to successfully capitalize your company please contact us for more information or for a private consultation.