Corporate Workshop




Business Working​Most companies seeking capital believe that they have the greatest product, service, invention, technology or idea out there. However, when it comes to funding your business, every business finds themselves competing for the same investor dollars. So, who ultimately ends up with the money at the end of the day? What is your edge? How are you going to differentiate yourselves from the other companies seeking capital? I assure you it’s much more than just your product or service.​

​As a Venture Catalyst™ and having spent 30 years in the venture capital world, I have looked at hundreds and hundreds of companies and performed countless due diligences on businesses looking for funding. The one thing I have learned is that a business plan is a direct reflection of the competency of the management. A poor or improperly written business plan may become your biggest adversary when trying to attract investors. Not only will you learn how to write a high level industry standard equity funding business plan along with its associated legal documents at our Executive Business Funding Workshop but the workshop we will also cover the following subject matter;

  • How to intimately know your investors and the investor market
  • Become familiar with those variables that investors look for in a deal
  • Be clear on what the investors need to see in order to make an intelligent business decision
  • Understand how to properly structure an attractive investment proposal and at the same time preserve your equity or ownership position
  • Learn of to write an industry accepted equity funding business plan
  • How to prepare financial statements and a pro forma that reflects industry EBITDA multiples, use of proceeds, acceptable discounts rates, etc.
  • Securities law and other related legal documentation including term sheets, subscription agreements, investor contracts, etc.
  • What to expect when the investors bring their legal and accounting team in to perform a thorough due diligence on your company and its principles


Business MeetingThis along with much more invaluable information will be provided at our Executive Business Funding Workshops.

​Investors invest in people not companies. If you show any sign of ineptitude or inability to execute the business plan, among other things, it’s over. Advanced Business Strategies has developed a 1 day hands on workshop to give you all the tools you need to successfully get your business funded. You will be taught how to perform a thorough due diligence on a company which in turn will educate you on how to structure your company in a way that when a due diligence is performed on you the company will come out with flying colors and be positioned to receive the targeted funding. You will also learn how to increase the valuation of our company so that you can minimize dilution and meet your capital needs.

Our Executive Business Funding Workshops are extremely intense, hands on and require the presence of the key principles of a company.