Three Phase Funding

Following is a brief outline of our “Three Phase” pre-funding process:

Phase One – Each client will undergo an intense third party due diligence which will include: a business plan, financial models, a business valuation, and all other documentation needed to back up and substantiate the viability of the investment. This is one of the most critical steps and can make the difference between whether a company ever gets in front of the right investors or funded.

Phase Two – Advanced Business Strategies Associate Partners will ascertain any issues, problems, and concerns found during the due diligence process that might prevent or discourage an investor from losing interest in or declining the investment altogether. Once identified, we will make every effort to help our clients resolve these issues. The information contained in the due diligence package will also give us the ability to assist our clients in determining the best possible investment vehicle most suitable for their company.

​Phase Three – Our team at Advanced Business Strategies will compile and package the due diligence, the investment proposal, and all related documentation to support the business plan. We then match the investment opportunity with qualified investors based on their pre-established investment criteria. Lastly, we present the investment for funding.


Street SignWe know what investor’s want and need to see in an investment before they invest. We know what their hot buttons are and what turns them off. In turn, investors know the depth of the due diligence process we perform on a company before introducing it to them. They also realize that we will only bring quality investments that meet their investment standards and criteria. This is the foundation and business of Advanced Business Strategies and why our clients can expect results. In addition, we have a network of investors, companies, financial institutions, and other investment professionals capable of investing at all levels and in numerous types of investment vehicles. This and many other resources will be made available to our clients to increase their probability for a successful funding.​

Looking for an investment partner is a serious decision for any company and should not be taken lightly. Many companies, in their desperation for capital, enter into relationships with financial partners that put them in a minority position and/or eventually cost them their business.​

Each client must be prepared to provide the necessary information, documentation and other resources needed to expedite the “Three Phase” pre-funding process.  This would include assistance from any legal and accounting departments, key employees, and other essential resources.​

Advanced Business Strategies is dedicated to the success of its customers and will internalize each customer’s objectives as if it were their own (Mission Statement). We make it our job to understand in detail the capital sourcing objectives of our clients and are committed to doing everything in our power to accomplish this task.

​It is our business to provide our clients the tools needed for a successful funding. Our Associate Partners are comfortable and confident that they have the combined industry knowledge and experience to accomplish this objective.

Please contact for more detailed information on how we might assist your company in meeting its funding objectives. We look forward to working with you.