Venture Catalyst

Catalyst MoleculeA Venture Catalyst™ is one who has the experience and is proficient in moving companies forward to those subsequent stages of growth and development whether they seek to be funded, sold, merged or acquired. This is an extremely specialized field and requires a team of highly qualified industry professionals which have a myriad of investment banking knowledge from legal, accounting, taxes, securities, investments, corporate structuring, finance, etc.

As Venture Catalysts™, our Associate Partners at Advanced Business Strategies have the knowledge and industry experience to professionally prepare our clients to meet with and satisfy investor’s funding criteria. This is accomplished by taking each client through an advanced “Three Stage” pre-funding process which, upon completion, will allow us to confidently take our clients to Advanced Business Strategies vast pool of investors, through the screening and due diligence stages until funded.



Please contact us to learn more about our “Three Phase” pre-funding process in order to get prepared to secure the funding you need.